About Marko Dugonjić

Marko is a designer, speaker and author based in Sacramento, California. Currently, he manages the design team at SymSoft Solutions.

Before that, Marko funded a nano-scale User Experience consultancy Creative Nights in Velika Gorica, Croatia and has been a member of editorial staff at Smashing Magazine.

Marko is a father of two little ninjas and a princess. He is interested and involved in many things, but mostly the art, nature, sports and on top of it — the family life. By trade he is a fitness trainer. But that’s another story.

His first steps in the industry were beyond good taste and he always says he can’t remember where these first designs disappeared. However, some of the recent work is featured in Creative Nights portfolio. Nowadays, Marko is focused on studying User Experience Design, Typography and Web Standards, especially the idea of One Web.


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About this Website

Maratz.com is a personal playground, a sandbox for new web design concepts. The domain name is after Marko’s internet nick Maratz. Entries mostly cover work-related topics with occasional personal observations. Experimental projects can be found at webdesign.maratz.com.

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