Been at Aeromeeting

Been yesterday at this year’s Aeromeeting in Zagreb (Croatia). Almost 2 hours of waiting to see one of just a few MiG-21 left in Croatian army. Untill last few minutes there was just some ordinary overflighting of smaller airplains and gliders of different kinds, a few skydivers, nothing very exciting realy. It was so uninteresting that Luka played with some wild growing flowers around the spot we settled on. However, last 10 minutes or so the situation changed as our army crafts came.

First, our most popular training plane — Pilatus done some attractive elements and when he went off and we all spectators felt sorry for it, from behind us came MiG-21 in low flight, making our ears want to explode. Luka was pretty confused by this strong sound and i must say he didn’t appreciated it, so for next 10 or so forssages low above the ground i covered his ears. But i enjoyed, ha-ha!

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