Book Baton

A book baton, another from the series of this years’ run-around-the-blogosphere marathons, has been passed to me by my fellow blogger Cody Lindley. I found this one interesting, because I swallowed quite a few books lately, some of them web design/development related.

Not being a fan of novels, fiction and such, although I used to write all kinds of prose in a high-school (even being awarded, but that’s another story), the book has to be about my hobbies or work to make me want to read it.

Number of books on a shelf floor

Don’t have shelves, but I have floor. There is circa 40cm tall pile of books near my desk.

Last book purchased

Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton (see companion site).

Book reading right now

English Croatian Dictionary by Rudolf Filipović. It’s a classic.

Last 5 or so books read

In no particular order, some read for the xth time…

Meaningful Books

You must not fail! Good bye and Good luck!

Marko Dugonjić is a designer specialized in user experience design, web typography and web standards. He runs a nanoscale user interface studio Creative Nights and organizes FFWD.PRO, a micro-conference and workshops for web professionals.

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