DOM scripting review

DOM scripting All righty. I’m very lazy lately. I read less and less. However, if a book pulls me in, I’m well prepared to discard all the other forms of relaxation and swallow it all at once. Yes, this was the case with the DOM scripting.

What’s so great about it? First off, the book is not boring programming reference listing mambo-jumbo or whatever… It tells a story. What is the Designing with web standards (by Zeldman) for CSS, that is the DOM scripting for DOM/JavaScript.

What you won’t find

You will not find the JavaScript reference.

What you will find?

You will find defensive, unobtrusive and fully working examples of the JavaScript code, together with the explanations which facilitate understanding. If you’re just searching for a set of typical code snippets, Jeremy Keith, the author, is so generous that he gives it to you. You don’t even have to buy the book for it – most of the scripts are available online. (Ed’s remark: If you’re only interested in getting those, just take it away. But please, don’t come back crying for a job later this year.).

However, the greatness of the book is not in JavaScript functions provided, it’s in the clear and simple prose which will encourage you to consider behavior layer for what it really should be – the final touch for a web site, which can make a difference.

If you’re a designer, you are going to get some kinky new ideas about how to improve usability, interaction and overall look and feel on your web sites. If you’re a developer – you will learn how to write leaner, bulletproof JavaScript for manipulating DOM structures. What’s the most important, in both cases – you will learn about the importance of the process: structure first, presentation second and last but not least – the behavior.

Marko Dugonjić is a designer specialized in user experience design, web typography and web standards. He runs a nanoscale user interface studio Creative Nights and organizes FFWD.PRO, a micro-conference and workshops for web professionals.

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