Web design in 14 years (2022)

Web design in fourteen years will no longer exist as we know it today. Technology develops in exponentially increasing pace. Regular citizens are soon going to use more natural interfaces, such as Surface, Wii, Aurora or multi-touch. And there is dozens of other concepts.

Even though it took us a decade so everyone knows there’s always a better browser, regular Joe doesn’t know a tiniest little bit about basic functionalities; how to control text size in a browser, open link in a new tab with a single mouse click or about simple technologies like RSS. Let’s face it — it’s complicated.

There are standards politicians, and people who write code. Do you know which one is you?

Usability, accessibility and web standards as a nouns, are exclusively the geek vocabulary entries, so let’s not giving it so much meaning in terms of general Earth population acceptance. Standards are here to help web workers, who are down here in a trenches — to win a battle in a never-ending vendor fight for their piece of market share.

Specs change and we have to accept that. Get through your shift and give your best. We are unknown heroes! Our time is now.

So I hope

Once vendors get across the boundaries of the current systems — by providing affordable advanced devices and then by writing more powerful software — today’s interfaces will be history. Is that possible in the next 14 years? I hope so.

Marko Dugonjić is a designer specialized in user experience design, web typography and web standards. He runs a nanoscale user interface studio Creative Nights and organizes FFWD.PRO, a micro-conference and workshops for web professionals.

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