About Us: Copy and Paste

I was taught to care about who is behind the portfolio.

When I land to a site, I’m interested to first read About us section, so I can visualize author while browsing her showcase. It helps me better remember people, and more easily get back when I need to. Authentic copy helps. Photo, too. Don’t make it generic.

Don’t copy and paste sentences and phrases you found on other sites. Don’t claim you’re something, you’re not, hoping that such facts would bring you more work. Rather than that — show us what would you like to be sometimes in the future, and someone might give you a chance.

It’s okay if you don’t have experience, it stinks if you provide false or generic information.

The quantity of experience is not the essential part of your resume. It’s the progress, and the current state of you. If you have tendency to develop new professional interests and enhance personal grow over time, then you have an advantage over a person who sticks at the same level over years, just switching companies.

If you are your own copywriter, let friends and colleagues randomly describe you. You’ll have enough raw material to chop off the interesting chunks of text and spice it up with your own writing style.

Marko Dugonjić is a designer specialized in user experience design, web typography and web standards. He runs a nanoscale user interface studio Creative Nights and organizes FFWD.PRO, a micro-conference and workshops for web professionals.

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