FFWD.PRO 2013 epilogue

FFWD.PRO 2013 is a wrap and once again it was a huge success! Thanks to all who had joined us and have been a part of the show.

If you haven’t been in the room, an absolutely positive collective vibe could have been be experienced on Twitter. To round it with a few photographic glimpses of the event, head on to the conference photo set on Flickr.

Two talks were live translated and published on Netokracija:

What have people written about FFWD.PRO:

Some feedback:

Being a developer and not a designer, I had fears the conference will be too designer oriented. I came back with hell of a lot knowledge of UX process, design psychology and design responsiveness and am now looking at how to implement some process principles at the place I work. Hence, I highly recommend visiting FFWD.PRO next year.

I’m so glad that Croatia has a conference like this. It was a truly refreshing day that helped me top up my levels of inspiration for my work. I was surprised at the number and quality of international speakers. Thank you!!!

It was hard to top, but the conference was even better than last year. A huge thanks to everyone involved. Can I already book my spot for the next one?

It is close to impossible to have such a lineup of speakers at this compact conference. It was very insightful and an honour participating in this event.

The conference was great. I enjoyed the talks and specially the workshops. The speakers were fun and knowledgeable and the whole event organisation was great. I enjoyed my time there and met a lot of interesting designers. I am happy I was a part of it. :)

There was of course some negative feedback, too. A few people had a problem with some specific topics. A lesson for us, the organizers, to better set expectations and to better describe who should attend which talk. When directing the conference program for FFWD.PRO, we try to avoid how-tos, because you can learn “10 steps” or “the best practices” for creating this and that artifact online. We try to focus more on complementary skills and percspectives in order to widen the palette of tools and encourage collaboration between specialists. For the majority of attendees, such variety of topics seems to work pretty well. After all, the conference tagline is Get the Big Picture.

A very special thanks goes to our sponsors as well as our dear friends Mario, Rade, Tin and Tomislav for handling 1000s of tiny tasks.

Marko Dugonjić is a designer specialized in user experience design, web typography and web standards. He runs a nanoscale user interface studio Creative Nights and organizes FFWD.PRO, a micro-conference and workshops for web professionals.

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